STS Introduces Technology Solutions at ISCMA 2018

STS Supply Chain Technology Presentation at ISCMA 2018

Seldat Technology Services (STS), a leading provider of technology-based global supply chain solutions, will be exhibiting at ISCMA, the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association conference on April 30, 2018. STS has recently expanded its presence in Modiín, Israel, and specializes in an expansive range of technology functions, from IT solutions and software development to project management, finance and human resources.

STS offers a wide range of software products including WMS360, a Warehouse Management System, RFID (radio-frequency identification) automation products, Sel2B, a B2B platform for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to manage procurement, sales, promotions, products, suppliers, customers, deliveries and more, all in one centralized platform, plus DMS, a delivery management system.

“Israel is known as a nation of startups. Establishing a large presence here allows us to deliver the software, cybersecurity and infrastructure capabilities that make Seldat one of the fastest growing companies in our industry,” says Daniel Dadoun, Founder and CEO.

Daniel Dadoun, Founder and CEO of Seldat, will be a guest speaker discussing technology for supply chain management at the ISCMA Convention, on April 30th. His presentation, "Tomorrow's Leaders are Today's Technology Innovators" will address the changing supply chain - and the significant role of technology to transform it. STS will also be exhibiting its software solutions at Booth # 22, Avenue Conference Center, Airport City.

At Seldat Technology Services (STS), we are problem solvers and efficiency aficionados. Headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Canada, Israel and Vietnam, our 250+ employees enable business and customer success through technology-driven supply chain solutions. STS offers comprehensive solutions packages developed by in-house experts and designed for the changing supply chain. Our end-to-end solutions span from manufacturing through last mile delivery, and are comprised of supply chain consulting, customized IT services, product R&D, warehouse automation, and best-in-class customer support. 

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