Seldat Technology Services - Revolutionizing the Supply Chain Industry

Chacko presenting in Eruocham event

Chacko, Sr Vice President and global CTO:

In today's digital age, organizations in the supply chain industry are looking to deploy new and innovative technologies to adapt to the changing market. With the help of digital tools such as automated systems and high-speed communication, many companies are significantly improving their business performance, customer satisfaction and bottom lines. As a developer of Supply Chain Management technologies, Seldat Technology Services in New Jersey has been able to create a positive impact in the industry. Seldat Tech offers comprehensive solutions to customers including Warehouse Management Systems, Delivery Management Systems, B2B and B2C Platforms and Purchase Order Management software. Because of their tremendous knowledge of the SCM space, they offer services including supply chain consulting, customized IT services, nearshoring, and best-in-class customer support. The main goal of the company is to empower businesses and consumers worldwide to find, buy and sell anything - without the limitations of borders and logistical challenges ... Read more