Seldat Technology Systems works with you to improve and enhance your supply chain technology. We offer comprehensive solution packages designed to impact and exceed your expanding business goals.
Seldat Technology Services provides end-to-end solutions that span from manufacturing through last mile delivery, supply chain consulting, customized IT services, product R&D, warehouse automation and best-in-class customer support.


SCM Products and Services Simplified

Supply Chain Technology

Supply Chain Technology

Automation <br>Hardware Design

Hardware Design



Global Business <br>Strategy

Global Business

Training & <br>Customer Service

Training &
Customer Service


Case Study: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS software) for Cold Storage 3PL companies

Case Study: A Cold Chain Provider Cap...

MGM Bosco enlists the power of WMS360 to dominate the Indonesian market.Discover how one of STS’s customers MGM Bosco, a leading Indonesian transportation, cold storage warehousi...


Benefits of Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

Three Benefits of Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

You know that your supply chain management strategy is in need of an upgrade. What you’re not so sure about? The specific problems that need fixing. Learn how expert supply chain management consulting services can help.

WMS Market Drivers and Challenges

9 Facts About the WMS Market

Warehouse Management Systems are the foundation of what makes supply chain networks strong and efficient.

Business Process Outsourcing BPO for Supply Chain

With A BPO Vendor, Focus on Your Core Offerings

Working with a BPO can help you streamline your supply chain processes, and enable you to focus on high level operations.

Training Tips for New WMS Users

3 Techniques to (Em)brace a new WMS in the Warehouse

Warehouse management systems are at the center of a smooth supply chain network. What's driving the WMS market and where's the rub?